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Calm Ki Crystal
  • Calm Ki Crystal item sprite
TypeCrafting material
TooltipThe calm force of nature lives within.
RarityRarity Level: 2
Sell60*60 Copper Coin.png
Dropped by
Entity Quantity Rate
Jungle Surface Enemies.pngJungle Surface Enemies(After defeating
Eater of Worlds or
Brain of Cthulhu)
1-3 33%

Calm Ki Crystals are a Pre-Hardmode Tier 2 crafting material. It is the second obtainable Ki Crystal, after the Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu has been defeated.


Used in[]

Consumables: Ki Potion.png Potions (MRE.png Buff Potions) • Scrap Metal.png Materials (Earthen Shard.png Drops) • 4 Star Dragon Ball.png Other