Dragon Ball Terraria Mod Wiki

Donator items are items made for people who have donated in any way to help the Devs develop the mod.

Donator Items[]

Ancient Legend Necklace.pngAncient Legend Necklace Ancient Legend Waistcape.pngAncient Legend Waistcape Green Potaras.pngGreen Potaras Metamoran Sash.pngMetamoran Sash
MRE.pngMRE Time Ring.pngTime Ring

Donator Armors[]

Appearance Set Head Chest Legs Sum Bonuses / Effects / Notes Cost / Source / Crafted At
Canadian Demon Armor.png Canadian Demon Armor 00 022 014 036
  • +44% ki damage
  • +36% ki critical strike chance
  • +18% movement speed
  • +1500 maximum ki
  • +2 maximum charges for beams
  • Increased passive ki regen
  • Set Bonus: Grants the ability to use Demonic Overdrive upon pressing the Armor Bonus hotkey, granting infinite ki for 5 seconds, with a cooldown of 30 seconds.