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Assesory/SSJ-Hair Bug[edit source]

I recently started playing and i optained Super Saiyan 1. But if i transform my hair stays pretty the same except that the super saiyan hair is in the back of my hair. Is there a solution for this bug and is there a way to fix it? Thanks! 03:32, 13 April 2019 (UTC)

Crash[edit source]

I installed the mod and everything normal, I can use all the keys and that, but whenever I try to charge ki the game or use Kaioken the game crashes, anybody help please?

Love the mod![edit source]

I've never been a huge fan of terraria, but this mod really brought me in! That being said, my friends are all moving on to Calamity Mod content, and me with my Dragonball gear is being left in the dust.

Any chance for late game (post moon lord) content in the future?

is it intentional?[edit source]

both in the game and on the wiki says that the all supersayan transformations have, like the kaioken, a consumption/sec, but, unlike the kaioken, the consumption rate of the supersayan transformations increases over time making it far exceed the consumption described.

the wiki says nothing about it.

is it intentional?

Suggestion and Appreciation[edit source]

Big fan of this mod I've had so much fun with this mod installed. the best part about this mod is that the transformation help even in other mods like the calamity mod. I was just wondering and suggesting if you have are could make plans to add super saiyan blue (or super saiyan god super saiyan) in the future of this mod. Side note is there a discord for this mod? if not you guys should make one!