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The 7 different dragon balls

The Dragon Balls are mystical crystalline spheres that feature five-pointed stars ranging from one to seven inside of themselves. Individually, they have no powers, but when gathered, they have the ability to call forth Shenron who can grant the player one Wish.

Finding the Dragon Balls[]

Dragon Balls can be found anywhere on the map except Lihzahrd Temples (although they may accidentally spawn in there). However, they are 1 tile big, and are hard to find without the aid of any tools. In order to make the search easier, one can use the Dragon Radars MK1, MK2 or MK3 to direct them towards the nearest Dragon Ball, with MK3 being the most accurate at pinpointing the location of a Dragon Ball. Spelunker Potions can also make Dragon Balls shine which can help a player find them. When you pick it up, ensure that you DO NOT put them in a Piggy Bank or a storage unit of any kind, as it causes the Dragon Ball you find to respawn.


When all 7 Dragon Balls have been found and are in your inventory, right clicking any of the Dragon Balls summons Shenron into your world. Shenron would then prompt you to wish for one of 5 wishes, showing you a wish-granting menu.

Wish Effect Usability Notes
Power Gives the player +20 health, + 500 max Ki and increases all damage by 10%. 5 uses
Wealth Gives the player 10 Platinum Coins and a Lucky Coin. Unlimited
Immortality Gives the player the ability to survive the next 3 times they would normally die. 1 use This effect activates after any other life saving effect.
Genetic Reroll Gives the player either the Legendary Trait or the Prodigy Trait. Unlimited Both traits have an equal chance (50%) to be given to the player.
Awakening Gives you the next form in their progression. (e.g. If you have Super Saiyan 2, you will unlock Super Saiyan 3.) 3 uses This method cannot be used to unlock Super Saiyan God.

After using up the wish, the Dragon Balls will scatter, disappearing from your inventory. You will have to search for them again if you want to use them again.


  • Although there is 6 wishes in the wish granting menu, only 5 of them can be used,
  • In the series, Dragon Balls can only be used once per year.
  • The Dragon Balls were the reason Vegeta and Nappa came to earth, after overhearing Piccolo tell Raditz about the Dragon Balls, they arrived on earth to wish for immortality.