Dragon Ball Terraria Mod Wiki

The Dragon Balls are mystical crystalline spheres that feature five-pointed stars ranging from one to seven inside of themselves. Individually, they have no powers, but united they have the ability to call forth Shenron who can grant one Wish.

In order to use the Dragon Balls, you should have all 7 of them in the inventory and right click them. After that, the wish granting menu will open.

All 7 dragon balls will always generate in a new or old world and trashing/losing any of them will force them to regenerate again.

Dragon Balls cannot be placed in the world through the inventory of the player.

Please note that it is not a bug to find duped dragon balls. After collecting any one of the dragon balls, there will be a new same copy generating within 10 seconds. The only way to avoid Dragon Ball dupes is to keep every Dragon Ball in your inventory without moving it to storage tiles.

Dragon Balls can be found in any world location beside the Lihzahrd Temple. To find Dragon Balls you can buy a Dragon Radar MK1 from the Mechanic NPC.

Dragon Balls

1 Star Dragon Ball.png 1 Star Dragon Ball

2 Star Dragon Ball.png 2 Star Dragon Ball

3 Star Dragon Ball.png 3 Star Dragon Ball

4 Star Dragon Ball.png 4 Star Dragon Ball

5 Star Dragon Ball.png 5 Star Dragon Ball

6 Star Dragon Ball.png 6 Star Dragon Ball

7 Star Dragon Ball.png 7 Star Dragon Ball