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Flight in action.

Flight allows the player to ascend and accelerate through the air at the cost of Ki. Players will lose ki at a rate of -240 ki per second of flight and will fall if they run out. The player will be able to boost through the air by pressing their charge hotkey (whatever they have chosen to set that too); however, the ki drain will increase from -240 ki a second to -300 ki a second. The player may unlock flight by using the Bukuujutsu Guide Vol 1 - Chorus Aeria. There are multiple accessories that will give benefits to flight ability.

Normally after you disable flight (or run out of ki), you will usually fall to your death from fall damage. However, after consuming the Bukuujutsu Guide Vol 2 - Lux Ruinam, you will then be granted the Katchin Feet buff, which activates when you deactivate flight. This effect nullifies fall damage for 10 seconds thus negating the fall damage done from the flight.

After consuming the Bukuujutsu Guide Vol 3 - Fugam Arriperent your ki drain while flying will drop drastically, from -240ki/s to -20ki/s. The ki drain of -20ki/s is not affected by boosting.

Consumables required for Flight[edit | edit source]

Bukuujutsu Guide Vol 1 - Chorus Aeria.pngBukuujutsu Guide Vol 1 - Chorus Aeria

Bukuujutsu Guide Vol 2 - Lux Ruinam.pngBukuujutsu Guide Vol 2 - Lux Ruinam

Bukuujutsu Guide Vol 3 - Fugam Arriperent.pngBukuujutsu Guide Vol 3 - Fugam Arriperent

Equipment that amplify Flight[edit | edit source]

Equipment Effect
Earthen Sigil.pngEarthen Sigil
  • Reduced flight Ki usage
Radiant Totem.pngRadiant Totem
  • Increased flight speed
Earthen Arcanium.pngEarthen Arcanium
  • Increased flight speed, reduced flight Ki usage
Radiant Visor.pngRadiant Visor
  • Increased flight speed
Radiant Scalepiece.pngRadiant Scalepiece
  • Reduced flight Ki usage