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Hi my name is Andrei, This is the Guide for an entire run of Terraria with Dragon Ball Terraria mod, Enjoy!

We will be starting on the forest biome as usual, there will be Gohan's house on your left that have a chance of spawning with the 4 star dragon ball on the dresser. If it did spawn, than grab it and store it in the dresser itself, it can be helpful early because it's a chest replacement. Now go explore! the monsters you fight in the Forest/Snow/Desert biomes now have a chance to drop Stable Ki Crystals, and you will need quite a few if you want to progress. if you pass by the dungeon, grab some books from the shelves inside.

To start this mod off, we need The Merchant to move in, so you will need to build a house and have at least 50 silver on your inventory. You may be asking why you need the merchant. Well, he now sells Scrap Metal, a crafting material needed to build a Z-Table. With 15 scrap metal and 20 Stable Ki Crystals we can craft one, this is the first crafting table out of 2 this mod adds, and most of the things you craft pre-hardmode will come out of it.

After you've crafted the Z-Table there is 3 Ki Attacks you can make:

The Ki Blast:

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Ki Blast.pngKi Blast

A fast single shot, the definition of basic ki control. It's not really reliable and easy to forget. However, it can later be used to craft 2 other, much more powerful weapons, so don't completely cross it off the list.

The Ki Beam:

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Ki Beam.pngKi Beam

A fast single shot ki beam that can piearce infinitely but does less damage every time it does, good for crowd control, not much for anything else. However, it goes through blocks and lights them up as it passes, so it can be good for finding chests and ores.

The Energy Wave:

ResultIngredientsCrafting station
Energy Wave.pngEnergy Wave

The first charging attack, The Energy Wave is your primary souce of damage. It can kill anything pre-boss really fast and it's the go-to weapon. Remember: charging makes the attack stronger, but also makes you vunerable, as it slows you down greatly. To charge, hold mouse 2 (right mouse button).

Now it's time to craft some armor. First you'll need a Loom. To craft it you'll need a Sawmill. After you get one, head undergound in search for copper/tin and LOTS of cobwebs, you'll need them to make silk.

Appearance Set Head Chest Legs Sum Bonuses / Effects / Notes Cost / Source / Crafted At
Saiyan Scout Armor.png Saiyan Scout Armor 00 04 02 06
  • +5% ki damage
  • +2% ki critical strike chance
  • +2% ki knockback
  • -5% ki usage
  • +6% movement speed
  • Set bonus: +100 max ki

This is the basic ki armor, i usually i don't even bother crafting this one, after you gather everything that you need to craft it you probably can craft a better one, and the bonuses are negligible since energy wave can dispach of anything in your path way before you get hit (if you keep your distance). If you are like me and never actually craft the loom, go to the desert and grab some cactus and craft a cactus armor instead. The design of the armor is pretty good tho.

By the way, consider crafting Farmer's Shotgun, as it's a surprisingly good gun that can help you handle yourself until you get to stronger Ki-based weapons.

If you happen upon a Granite Biome, get 8 granite blocks, convert them into smooth granite blocks and craft the Ki Chip; extra charge rate can be a lifesaver. Should you happen to get lucky and get a visit from the Traveling Merchant, purchase the Arm Cannon, as it gives extra charge rate and ki cost reduction. In case you've managed to endure the Goblin Army, Goblin Ki Enhancer will be very helpful due to whopping 500 bonus ki it provides, alongside ki regeneration upon taking damage.

also crafting Dragon Gem Necklace would be really helpful. all you need is 5 of all gems (Amethyst, Amber, Topaz etc.) and 7 Empty Necklaces and like the Necklace the Ki Infusers have wide range of effects, click on the link to take a look and craft what would be most useful for you.

also stockpiling on some Lesser Ki Potion for the boss fights would be recommended incase you ran out of ki.

OK, now you are ready to fight some real monsters! You should have some slime by now (duh...). Go underground and get some platinum/gold to craft a platinum/gold crown then search the world for an altar to craft some Slime Crowns.

The Slime King (King Slime Infobox here)(Drop Info Here)

Now we can make a "arena" to fight the slime boss. Get some rope and just place it in a straight line from the ground to the sky and climb on it until the ground is not visible anymore, stay on the top and use the slime crown. The fight is literally impossible to lose if you don't fall from the rope, just charge your Energy Wave to max and fire, rinse and repeat. If you get lucky, you may get the Slime Hook (if haven't gotten a hook yet) and/or the Slimy Saddle. The saddle is really good for the fights to come, if you have some more resources you can farm the slime king until he drops the full ninja gear armor. It's a good replacement for the cactus armor from earlier.

You may be asking why i told you to get some books from the dungeon early. Well, if you watched Dragon Ball, you'll know that almost everyone in that show can fly, and yes, you can too. But first, you will need this item:

This will unlock flight, and it's really basic, it will consume a LOT of ki (-240 per second) but it's a lifesaver, just remember: you are flying, and falling damage is VERY MUCH A THING in this game...the vol 2 of the bukuujutsu guide will help with this problem, but for now you should search for a Lucky Horseshoe in the floating islands to keep you from dying of falling damage, but if you want to free a acessory slot just keep an eye in your ki and go to the ground before it reaches 0 (if you are really high you can charge ki mid-air and use it to fly again)

If you haven't already, build more houses and go farm something until the nurse moves in, she is very useful as she can heal everything and restore your ki to max, so in boss battles she should be nearby for a quick charge.

Ok, it's time for a real challenge, maybe you already have some Lens that drop from the eyes at night, if not just farm for some (6) and craft some Suspicious Looking Eye at the altar, or just go underground explore and find it on a chest, it's time to fight the Eye of Cthulhu:

(EoC Info-box here)(Drop Info Here)

Now that you can fly this fight should not be really hard, activate auto-pause in the menu and summon the boss, fly around and keep spamming you energy wave, if you need ki or health, talk to the nurse and heal up, you could build an arena really high in the sky (not in space) with no walls, just platform and a house for the nurse in the bottom for you to recharge, it's not necessary early but in expert hardmode this arena is a life saver.

if you are lucky enough the eye may drop the kaioken (25%), consume it to unlock the technique.

the Kaioken is a powerful technique that increase your overall power in exchange for your health, the first stage will drain 4hp per second.

More importantly the eye also can drop Novice Ki Fragment (25%) use it to increase ki by 1000.

after you have defected Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu. you can collect Calm Ki Crystals and Earthen Shard

first you should craft Novice Ki Scroll, it increases Ki recharge rate increases by 1 per tick(+60ki/s).

now you have 3 section to upgrade, namly armor, accssories and wepons. (it dosent matter in what oder you do them but i would recommend getting better wepon first, my opinion tho)

for next ki based aromor you can craft Turtle Hermit Armor .personnaly i do recommend it as it gives slight increase to passive ki regeneration, which you dont have at all without this armor and it looks really good :)

for better Accessories. you can for example craft Battle Kit that gives 6% increased ki damage, 10% reduced ki usage, as well as the Hunter effect, and increased charge speed.

for better wepons you can make Energy Blast Barrage (will need Ki Blast), Double Sunday and Spirit Ball and Masenko(will need Energy Wave). you can also craft first sword namely Yajirobe's Katana.

for those wepons that require tier 1 wepon the end resoult sould be upgraded version of the same wepon, so the wepon went form tier 1 to tier 2.

on other hand now that we have Calm Ki Crystals you can make Ki Potion (restores 450 Ki ) and Ki Stimulant (grants passive Ki regeneration)

(Work in progress, help is appreciated)

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