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What charging looks like in action.

Ki is the basic utility stat for using Ki based attacks. throughout the game once you gain transformations, your maximum Ki will increase. Your base starting amount is 1000. For a character with no trait, the maximum amount of Ki that you're able to have is 10000, not counting any Accessories or Armor. The maximum amount of Ki that you're able to have with a trait corresponds with what that trait does to your max Ki.

You can charge your Ki up by holding the assigned hotkey for it, which is "C" by default. You can also use ki potions quickly by pressing the assigned hotkey, which is "N" by default. These hotkeys can then be changed to whatever you wish from inside the 'Controls' menu. Charging your Ki recovers your lost Ki when spending it on attacks. Keep in mind that while charging you will not be able to move as quickly until your ki bar is full. If you run out of Ki while using Kaioken, or simply turn it off, you will get the Exhausted debuff. You can also drag the Ki Bar to any place on the screen.

Increasing Max Ki[]

You can increase your max Ki through consuming any of these items:

Increasing Ki Charge Rate[]

You can also increase your Ki rate by consuming any of the following items: