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V1.0.9.3 - Fixing mod compatibility issues.

V1.0.9.2 - Rework update V2

V1.0.9.1 - Urgent Dragon Balls fix.

V1.0.9.0 - Rework update

V1.0.8.2 - QoL changes and fixes.

V1.0.8.1 - Important Fixes + First Dev Form.

V1.0.8.0 - Syncing Ascension Update.

V1.0.7.1 - Needed changes and fixes.

V1.0.7 - Balancing changes and fixes.

V1.0.6.7 - Small fixes and adjustments.

V1.0.6.6 - Various things and balancing changes.

V1.0.6.5 - QoL and useful fixes.

V1.0.6 - More accessories and changes

V1.0.5 - Content and small fixes.

Others... V1.0.2; V1.0.3; V1.0.4; V1.0.4.1; V1.0.4.2; V1.0.4.3