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Legendary Super Saiyan 2 is a unique transformation, only granted to those with the Legendary Trait. To unlock this form, you have to defeat Duke Fishron and already achieve Legendary Super Saiyan, after that, for every 5 seconds that you are below 10% health, there is a 12.5% chance that you will awaken LSSJ2. Your damage and speed get boosted by 220%, damage for non-Ki weapons is increased by 110%, while in this form. However, on the downside, your Ki is drained at the rate of -180Ki/s, and you lose 290% more Ki per attack. This form has no mastery. As a Legendary Super Saiyan 2, your hair becomes green and considerably more spiky than Legendary Super Saiyan, and your aura becomes larger than that of LSSJ. Green lightning also generates around your character, and moves faster than the LSSJ lightning.

Note that as a Legendary Super Saiyan 2, you will not be able to attain Super Saiyan 2 or Super Saiyan 3. However, Super Saiyan 1 and its masteries can still be attained.


  • Kale and Broly (DBZ) are the only 2 characters shown to have used Legendary Super Saiyan 2. Kale uses it during the Tournament of Power while Broly is only shown using it in Dragon Ball Kai: Miracle Battle Card. (needs citation)