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Necklaces are craftable accessories that, when equipped, grants the player various offensive or defensive buffs, with the type and amount depending on the type of Necklace used.


Accessory Effect
Amethyst Necklace.pngAmethyst Necklace Damage taken reduced by 9% and +4 defense
Topaz Necklace.pngTopaz Necklace 5% Increased minion damage and +1 max minions
Sapphire Necklace.pngSapphire Necklace 5% Increased ki damage and +100 max ki.
Emerald Necklace.pngEmerald Necklace 5% Increased ranged damage and crit chance
Ruby Necklace.pngRuby Necklace 5% Increased magic damage and crit chance
Diamond Necklace.pngDiamond Necklace 5% Increased melee damage and speed
Amber Necklace.pngAmber Necklace 10% Increased life regen
Dragon Gem Necklace.pngDragon Gem Necklace All effects of the previous necklaces, some enhanced