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TooltipA piece of equipment used for scanning power levels, as well as increasing combat skill.

Scouters are craftable accessories that, when equipped, allows the player to see the position of nearby enemies; the same effect as the Hunter Potion. Additionally, the Scouters increase the player's ki damage, with the amount depending on the type of Scouter used.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Accessory Damage Increase
Green Scouter.pngGreen Scouter +5% ki damage
Blue Scouter.pngBlue Scouter +8% ki damage
Red Scouter.pngRed Scouter +12% ki damage
Purple Scouter.pngPurple Scouter +15% ki damage
Yellow Scouter.pngYellow Scouter +20% ki damage