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Super Saiyan Blue (SSJB) is one of the final forms that Traitless and Prodigy players unlock.

As a Super Saiyan Blue, your hair becomes spiky and blue, and your aura becomes something akin to a blue wavy flame.


To unlock SSJB, the player must first master the preceding form. Afterwards, defeating the Moon Lord will unlock SSJB and SSJR.

Unlike previous forms, the Dragon Balls cannot be used to unlock SSJB.


  • In comparison to Super Saiyan Rosé:
    • Rosé deals more damage (375% vs. 400%).
    • Blue is faster (375% vs. 300%).
    • Blue has slightly more Defense (42 vs. 39).
    • Rosé's attacks have lower costs (65% vs. 55%).
    • Blue's Ki drain is lower (195 Ki/s vs. 255 Ki/s unmastered, 105 Ki/s vs. 128 Ki/s mastered).
  • The above differences make Blue preferable to Rosé should durability and evasion be more valuable than pure damage to a player.


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