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SSJGBuff.png Super Saiyan God is the fourth Saiyan transformation that Traitless and Prodigy trait users can use. Your Ki attack damage and speed are increased by 250% while non-Ki weapons get a 125% damage bonus. The form also provides an additional 16 defense bonus, in addition to slight health regeneration while in this form. On the downside, your Ki is drained exponentially, starting at a rate of -200 Ki/s, and you lose 50% more Ki per attack. Despite the tooltip of this form saying that it has mastery, this form has no Mastery. While in Super Saiyan God, your hair becomes red, and your aura becomes something akin to a wavy flame. The form also provides an additional 16 defense bonus.

This form is the best form achievable in the game, surpassing Legendary Super Saiyan 2.


Godly Spirit.gif Upon defeating any of the Celestial Pillars, there is a 10% chance for a Godly Spirit to drop from it. Upon picking it up, there will be a short transformation scene, and you will become a Super Saiyan God.

Despite the fact that Legendary trait has no access to this form, one with the trait can still access the form when it is picked up. However, the form will no longer be accessible once they stop using Super Saiyan God.


  • This form was first introduced in the Dragon Ball Z Movie: Battle of Gods.
  • Super Saiyan God can be obtained by performing a ritual involving six righteous Saiyans or by going through divine training.
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