Super Saiyan God

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SSJG (demo).gif

SSJGBuff.png Super Saiyan God is the Fourth Saiyan transformation and the first God form you will get. Your damage and speed are increased by 250% but you get only +125 damage for non-Ki weapons, in addition to slight health regen while in this form; but, on the downside, your Ki is drained at the rate of -200Ki/s, and you lose 50% more Ki per attack. This form has no Mastery. While in Super Saiyan God, your hair becomes red, and your aura becomes something akin to a wavy flame. The form also provides an additional 16 defense bonus.

Rage does not contribute to the form.

See Mastery


Godly Spirit.png

Upon defeating any of the Celestial Pillars there is a 10% chance that it will drop a Godly Spirit, touching this item instantly transforms you into SSJG.

Note that this means you have a 7.29% of getting at least one Godly Spirit out of 4 Celestial Pillars.


  • This form was first introduced in Battle of Gods, and DBS Episode 12.
  • SSG is initially obtained through a ritual involving six righteous Saiyans or special divine training.
  • While in Version the tooltip says that this form has a mastery bonus, it is false because mastery wasn't implemented to it. It will, however, be true when Version 1.1 comes out.