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Drop rate changes and fixes.

Changes[edit | edit source]

1. Changed Super Saiyan 3 to be obtained at Golem instead of the Lunatic Cultist.

2. Buffed drop amount of Soul of Entity, Demonic Soul, Astral Essentia and Pure Ki Crystal.

3. Stable Ki Crystal now drops in the Forest, Desert and Snow biomes.

4. Changed Ki Chip's tooltip to properly say ki charge rate instead of ki regen.

5. Super Saiyan 3's health drain now only applies once you are below 30% health.

Fixes[edit | edit source]

1. Fixed bug where Super Saiyan 3 didn't require you to be in Super Saiyan 2 to achieve.

2. Fixed bug where your Transformation Menu selection wouldn't save.

3. Fixed bug where the Super Saiyan God spirit wouldn't drop.

4. Fixed bug where the Z-Table and Kai Table wouldn't drop when broken.