Dragon Ball Terraria Mod Wiki

Balancing changes and needed fixes.


1. New sprites for the Scouters and the Radiant Glider

2. New sprite for the Charging Aura.

3. Nerfed Scatter Shot, Farmer's Shotgun.

4. Buffed Big Bang Attack, Trap Shooter

5. Buffed all beam attacks.

6. Increased the time before all Massive Blast type weapons despawn.

7. Added a bit of flavor text to Scrap Metal

8. The Flight dust now changes according to your transformation.


1. Fixed bug where your Ki max would be broken from various items.

2. Fixed a lot of sounds playing on the server side, should fix some crashes and sound spam in multiplayer.

3. Running out of ki now also disables Super Kaioken.

4. The Enraged Ki Fragment and Master Ki Fragment's now drop from the correct bosses in expert.

5. Fixed bug where the Spiritual Emblem didn't drop in Normal Mode.