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This update sought to fix some outstanding bugs and balance issues while the next major update is developed.


1. Added Quick Ki hotkey.


1. Nerfed the damage of all beam weapons. Each charge level now gives 5% more damage instead of the previous 10%.

2. Nerfed Hellzone Grenade and buffed Scatter Shot.

3. Super Spirit Bomb now has a maximum size.


1. Fixed Circle Spawner test item being able to be crafted.

2. Fixed being able to stay in a form at 0 ki if you have any ki regen.

3. Fixed Master Ki Fragment not dropping in expert mode.

4. Fixed beams not being affected by ki cost multipliers from forms.

5. Fixed Exhausted debuff not reducing the damage types from other mods.

6. Fixed Kamehameha x10 being way too loud.

7. Fixed the Canadian Demon Armor giving more bonuses than intended.